A Conversation with Dr. Merry Camhi

On a windy fall morning, we had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Dr. Merry Camhi, the director of the New York Seascape program of the New York Aquariam and Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS).

We sat on the shores of Long Island while massive waves rolled in as we talked, reminding us of the forces that lie beneath the surface. Dr. Camhi told us the story of how she found herself focusing on marine conservation, which was just being developed as a new field within Ecology while she was a graduate student at Rutgers University.

NEW YORK SEASCAPE: The Sea That Never Sleeps poster by the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)

We learned about the diverse marine life that lives within the waters surrounding New York City, what makes them so unique, and what what is being done by the NY Aquarium and WCS to protect and restore these vital ecosystems. Watch and share her story and invaluable knowledge to raise awareness about our local marine habitats!

The New York Seascape

The New York Seascape stretches over 16,000 square miles of coastal and ocean waters from Montauk, NY, to Cape May, NJ. It’s one of the world’s most diverse and vibrant marine environments, containing hundreds of species of fishes, sea turtles, whales, and natural wonders like Hudson Canyon. It’s also among the busiest waters on the planet. This new map gives you an in-depth look at this underwater marvel and explore!


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